For starters, we need to know what yoga is. Yoga is one of the oldest from exercise for the body, mind, and spirit. It has been here for a long time and has only gained popularity recently. It is widely practiced among Hindus and Buddhists. It is claimed that this sacred practice has originated in ancient India. It was mentioned in the Rigveda and it is claimed that it was there from the fifth or sixth century BCE. Astonishing isn’t it? This sacred practice actually became very popular in the 20th century and is now one of the widest practices exercise in the world.
Yoga is a word from the ancient language of Sanskrit. The word is derived from the word yuj. Many people think yoga is just the exercise where you are required to stretch and twist your body parts but there are more to it. It is a sort of meditation that enhances your emotional capability as well. It is said that it will make you much calmer and will help you tackle everyday issues with much more compassion. There are many types of yoga that you can practice; to begin with, there are also breathing practices that will help you with your mind. Fascinating isn’t it?
Now to get started on your spiritual journey, you need to have access to these accessories that will give you a jumpstart to gain the goal that you have set.
1) Yoga Mat
There are different types of mat out there. You need to go to your retailer and find the one you need. Now, you will find a lot of cheap ones there and you might as well purchase one if you do not know what type of yoga class you will go to and how frequently you will be attending it. But, if otherwise, then it is always a good idea to get an expensive one because of a number of times you will be using it. You need a reliable mat for heavy usage. You might as well buy a yoga towel as well because sometimes the mats lack the stickiness you require so buying a towel and laying it on top of it might help you get the required grip. If I had to recommend then I would ask you to go for Lululemon or Manduka or Liforme Yoga Mat; these are the best yoga mats available in the market and will surely serve your purpose.
2) Yoga bag
Now, that you own a yoga mat, you need something to carry it around and the best thing that you can use is a bag. Yoga bags can be found at any big retail stores or just order it online. They can be very handy and I am pretty sure you do not want to carry a mat on your shoulders every time you go to the class. So get yourself a bag so that you can carry it around and also buy a strap for it to make it look extra cool. Yoga bags do have great designs you can choose from just to satisfy your trendy soul.
3) Yoga blocks
Now that you are ready with your mat, you need some props to go along. Yoga requires the help of some props that will help you attain your goal and the blocks are the number one on my list. This thing serves all types of purpose. It will help you do various exercises and might as well make you more flexible than you were before. This can be found in retailers or you can order online. You make sure to keep them close to you as you may need it to perform a certain exercise. It is one of the most popular props that are used in a yoga studio, so you can pretty much guess how vital it is to own one to practice at home.
4) Yoga strap
This is another accessory that you will need to get your flex. This is a very simple looking prop but a very helpful one. This will help you with the flexible positions you need to do. This helps you to attain the postures that are being practiced in the studio. So get one of these to help you through it. It can be easily found in retailers or you might buy it from your yoga studio or you might seek it out from the internet.
5) Yoga balls
Almost all of you guys reading this have seen this huge ball in the movies. Yes, that is the ball you need. This huge ball is called the yoga ball. It is of massive importance and your body will stretch using it. This huge ball is one of the important tools for you to reach the flexibility you require and using this also helps you with your breathing. So get one of these as soon as you can. This can be found in retailers but you can also order them online so that you can get your preferred color.
6) Yoga hand towel
For those who easily get sweaty when doing exercises, this is an absolute must. Buy one of these to wipe off the salty water that is coming out from your body. Well, you might think why not use normal towels? Well, of course, you can use normal towels but yoga towels are a better option. You might not find it always but if you do get your hand on one then make sure to buy it. No delays!
7) Yoga mat cleaner
This is a very important tool. Do follow the guidelines on how to clean the mat. You need the mat for almost all your yoga practices and for that reason it makes it vital to keep your mat clean. You better purchase one of these to keep your mat clean for later use. You can buy this online, or in the studio or from the retailers.
With all these accessories, you are good to go to free your mind, body and spirit! Namaste!