Explainer video is a short video clip of around 60 seconds (a minute) that explains to a potential customer what your products or services are about.

There are some main types of explainer video; here we present some of them:

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a kind of explainer that consists in an illustrated story produced by the designer with the help of marker pens. So this is a hand-drawn animation usually synchronized with music, VO and SFX.

Infographics videos

Video infographics is a short video that combines entertaining audio, visual representation of data, and a lot of statistics with the purpose of describing the information and figures with a simple and comprehensible method. This way, it shows the key message to the audience in a better way.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic is a mix of motion sounds and graphic designs working together in a perfect harmony. Nevertheless, the main component of this kind of animation is a text. Briefly, it is basically an animated graphic design.


Why Do You Need The Explainer Video?

Increase the conversion

According to recent studies, 85% of users are more attached to buy a product or service that comes from a relevant and attractive video. That’s the reason why explainer videos are a great way to raise the conversion of your site.

Site promotion

Taking into account that the presence of a video on a website can take it higher in the search results, having an explainer video in the site is a perfect way of improving its position when a potential client is looking for a product or service in the navigator.

Presentation of a company or a product

A short video is a great way to tell more about a product or service, due to the fact that a video is much more effective and practical than a long text with many words. The reason for that is that in a few minutes all the features and offers of an enterprise can be presented in a simple way. A video is also more attractive than a text and it can catch the attention of a large number of users.