There are an infinite number of things people can choose to do with their precious time. But there seems to be an expectation that people will choose to use social media now before anything else.

There seems to be an assumption that everybody should be using social media – because it’s considered the ‘normal thing’ to do, the standard for everyone. Yet, that is not true.

Many people do not share this viewpoint. As individuals we differ and therefore social media will attract certain personalities and will inevitably repel others. Using social media is not obligatory. It’s a personal choice. This is one reason when you are looking at a target market you need to plan to hit them from several different angles, and not just social media, just ask an experienced Manchester Website Design agency.

So, probably we should think very highly of people who don’t use social media. Why? Because these people tend to be more confident and secure. They are generally very happy in themselves and lead both meaningful and productive lives.

On social media, people’s daily lives are orientated around trying to impress others. Whether you’re talking about ‘selfies’ or people posting ‘vacation pics’, etc. – it seems to me that social media is fundamentally a popularity contest where everyone is trying to one up each other and look cool in the process.

Those who don’t use social media are free of all this “selling” yourself for a higher price game. They just get on with living their ordinary lives and generally don’t really care about how they are perceived or regarded by others.

After social media penetrated and took over a vast portion of our lives, now more and more people are finding it extremely admirable when someone isn’t glued to their phone and has an imagination.

On another note, social media, is also quite beneficial. And frankly, there are quite some reasons contributing to this fact. Plus, not every human being that you will ever meet is addicted or want to be famous on social media. Nothing is wrong with the people who refuse to follow the crowds.

So, to conclude, everyone is right in their own way. Avid social media users find tons of ways to positively enjoy the benefits of social media interaction, businesses get a direct access to potential leads and data regarding their behavior and “opponents” of social media have the right to be concerned about privacy and how their personal data is being used so there is nothing wrong in being absent from the social media platforms by choice.