Due to the transition from the work office to the home office, we’ve now stepped into extraordinary times and this has now become quite normal for most of society. However, more and more organizations than before are now moving to smaller workspaces as a result of having a smaller workforce. These decisions are usually made by the office manager in an effort to deal with the logistical nightmare that now exists in a new workplace.


So, whether you’re simply interested in moving to a new space or you’ve outgrown the old, there are several things you need to consider to ensure that the big day goes without too much hassle and problems. It’s also a good idea to take into consideration that this process also has the ability to hamper your home or personal life. When asked about the main issues of moving, most tend to mention utilities, communication, and even packing the boxes. Hiring a professional moving company like Move Central will take the headache out of an office move.


While those are critical, there is another factor that is often easily overlooked. In essence, have you ever wondered if your digital data is still secure during the moving process? Read on as we dive into everything you need to know about this.


Ensuring That Your Data Is Secure

Office moves make the best opportunity for data to somehow become lost, corrupted, or even end up in the wrong hands. While this sounds quite horrid, it can easily happen as a result of careless movers that smash or drop hard drives, or when they disappear mysteriously during the move. Simply put, every aspect of moving day is critical and there are a ton of security risks involved. As such, a closer eye should be kept on them.


The following are some of the most easily avoidable problems that can be addressed if you pick up on them early:


Ensure That Hardware Is Protected

One of the most common problems corporations face is the ordeal of damaged storage hardware. However, it’s best to keep in mind that various equipment can be more susceptible to damages when compared to others. Hence, temperature changes and physical impacts affect them.


Even in the instance where you’re transporting them, careful handling and packaging are needed. Both of these can positively contribute to the welfare of your data and you’ll never need to hire a recovery specialist. Before beginning the journey, it’s a good idea to inspect the equipment for possible problems that can occur.


This just simply means that you can listen for strange noises that indicate a possible fault in your drives. It’s also a good idea to look out for error indicators, or warning LEDs if they are present. These give a better idea of degradation which further indicates that your drive is vulnerable to scrapes and bumps.


Maintaining The Custody Chain

When these devices move from one to the other, this presents the perfect opportunity for drives and hardware to become stolen or even lost along the way. In order to deal with this, a clear and concise custody chain is needed for the process. This makes it easier to locate the responsible party.


One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that items are packaged and sealed properly. After each handover, packages should be checked for signs of tampering. It should be noted that seals should only be broken when devices get to their desired location. In the case of a breach, the person in charge will be able to provide relevant information on what exactly happened.


Document Everything

When we say document everything, we mean everything including the connection order of your cables. So, if you’re moving your servers, it’s a good idea to ensure that everything is set up in order to prevent issues in the future. While working on the labels, don’t forget to label hardware, USBs, hard drives, and even your PCs. You should also keep a printed copy of these for records.


Never Overlook Physical Security

It’s never a good idea to overlook your security on either compound especially during a big move. Moving time signals chaos which presents the perfect opportunity for opportunists. This is where physical security swoops in and does checks while monitoring those coming and going.


As a result, it is very important and we can’t stress how much you need strict policies in place. Even if it’s tempting to leave entrances open for better access, you’re risking your sensitive data. One missing piece of hardware can be very detrimental.


Know Your Recovery Processes

If ever you’re met with a tragic event, it’s essentially important that you’re well prepared to handle it. This just simply means that you’ll need to ensure that plans are effective and backups are tested and up-to-date. If you wait for weak moments, it just might be too late!