SEO has become a massive part of marketing online. Getting your message in front of eyeballs is what truly matters and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can definitely be the most affordable method if done correctly. : Whether you choose to go it alone or get the help of an experienced SEO consultant, in order to increase your organic search visibility and leverage Search Engine Optimization to get traffic to your website, you need to very basic foundations in place.


This need for basic structure is one of the reasons that WordPress is so great for SEO. The entire platform is built around ease-of-use setting up page structure when thinking about the searcher. The most important piece of course is the Title which is even more easily manipulated with the Yoast SEO plugin. A couple of clicks and you can customize the title with the exact combination of keywords. It is better to check your Google search console occasionally for errors in submitting the sitemap generated by the Yoast plugin. Errors stop Google from indexing new URLs.


The next most important place on the page of course is the H1 tag where you want to include your main keyword. With two clicks, you can change a line of text from paragraph text to H1 text. On WordPress, you can easily use TinyMCE – Rich Text Editor to set H1 tag. There is even a keyboard shortcut to make it even faster on the fly. Unfortunately lazy web designers just use the H tags to change the format and size of text without paying attention to the importance of the tags and their affect on SEO. Then as you continue along in the content of your page to h2 tag is also critically important and with two clicks or a keyboard combination again you have your age to tag. Of course it also matters having some of your keywords or longtail versions of your keywords in bold on the page, and of course WordPress does this like any text editor quite quickly. You will also want to pay attention to the slug or URL of the page which can quickly be changed thanks to WordPress has ease-of-use as this is a great place to also drop your primary keyword. You should also be aware that this applies to blog posts too. If you don’t have a blog yet you need to start even if you need to Google how to start a blog.


One last place people don’t think about their key word is in the alt text of photos. You can easily click on a photo, and then Edit and then put in your alt text which again can contain your keyword, or variations of your keyword. Another tip regarding images is the actual file name of the images themselves. So instead of just being a long string of numbers and letters that your digital camera will assign, you can actually assign a keyword to the main. So for example if you are a plumber in Phoenix you can name the image something like plumber-phoenix.jpg or phoenix-plumber.jpg or plumbers-in-phoenix.jpg. You can use several variations of the keywords and location in the actual file names themselves. For more information you could reach out to an agency specializing in SEO Phoenix, AZ.


It is also quite easy to embed items that can help with SEO like YouTube videos that are directly related, or even Google My Business listings to either something in your local area, or for your actual business itself. All of these features combine to make a to make SEO optimization very quick and easy in WordPress.