Coconut oil for hair

Tired of a dry hair? Open ends that look like esparto? Straight and dull hair? Then I will tell you everything you need to know to remedy these problems that we all worry, because the solution is not in the scissors, everything has a remedy and you can save your hair with the best tips to show a healthy hair and care.

You’re still in time to save your hair, basic care with natural products are the solution to many problems and I’ll tell you the best for a healthy, hydrated and strong hair; so you do not have to cut it clean.

Currently shampoos sell us all kinds of properties and benefits, but what is true in all this? What about the chemicals they contain? Do not take your hair, never better, opt for natural products without side effects on the hair.

Coconut oil for a healthy and natural hair

As you may have noticed, lately coconut oil is one of the most used products in cosmetics and its moisturizing action makes it the star ingredient in multiple creams and cosmetic preparations such as shampoos or masks.

Its multiple properties make this oil an ally against capillary damage caused by the sun, exposure to various environmental factors, and even repairs quickly the damage caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals in the hair.

How can coconut oil help repair my damaged hair?

Well, very simply, coconut oil is rich in essential oils, vitamin E is highly moisturizing, so it makes the hair look bright, healthy and care. Its high content of vitamins manages to nourish the hair follicle making it more resistant and less prone to fall; so it avoids the excessive fall of the hair.

You must bear in mind that the biggest component of coconut oil is lauric acid, which is a type of organic natural fat present in its oil, which besides moisturizing protects us from viruses and bacteria and is therefore very useful to prevent the appearance of dandruff in the hair; as well as for its treatment.

The unsaturated fatty acids contain nutrients that benefit the state of health of both the hair and the skin, as well as the scalp, offering a multitude of benefits that make our hair recover from the damage caused by chemicals and solar overexposure. Oleic, palmitic, stearic or myristic acids, among others, present in coconut oil.

How to apply coconut oil to achieve good effects?

You’ll be thinking that if you have oily hair, coconut oil can make your hair worse and look even more oily; Well, you really are wrong. You only need to know how to apply the oil to achieve the desired effects, so we will explain how to use coconut oil in each case.

Each problem has its solution and then we tell you how you should use the coconut oil in each case to achieve the desired effects.

Coconut oil for dry and open tips

This is one of the most typical hair problems, the dry or open ends are the result of damage to the hair, and as it is the oldest part of the hair, it is the one that suffers the most and where it is most noticeable.

Actually, when we observe that we have damaged tips, we think that in order to repair them, the solution is simple; just cut them and they will look healthy instantly, but is it necessary? It is not always necessary, and we can avoid it in the following way: rehydrating the tips with coconut oil. For this, I’m going to give you my most useful advice and it really works. It may be expensive, but it really repairs the damage on the tips avoiding cutting the hair.

You must apply coconut oil only at the ends and wrap the tips with aluminum foil, leaving the oil to act for at least 30 minutes. The heat that is produced will make the acids in our hair penetrate more actively. To eliminate it, simply wash your hair as usual. This remedy will only take a few minutes and you can repeat it twice a month to avoid dryness at the tips.

Say goodbye to dandruff with coconut oil

The chemicals that we use in many cases for hair and other factors such as hormonal problems or alterations, cause our scalp to weaken and sometimes alter the normal processes of capillary regeneration, this is what happens when dandruff appears. Coconut oil for its antibacterial and bactericidal properties is a great ally to reduce dandruff.

Applying it correctly is the key to obtaining a correct result. Coconut oil reduces microbial activity, which reduces the predisposition of the appearance of dandruff.

Generally, and as we already have in the post about the best natural remedies to avoid dandruff, coconut oil prevents the appearance of certain fungi that cause this disease, so if you have dandruff; Coconut oil can become your great ally to combat it effectively as they inhibit the growth of pathogens.

Anti- dandruff products often carry other active ingredients such as ammonium sulfate or selenium sulfide that can worsen the health of our scalp, but coconut oil is not aggressive to the skin and has been shown to improve the problem of dandruff after a few days of application.

The key is to correctly apply the coconut oil and for this, we will do it in the following way:

We will combine the use of lemon that will act as a cleansing and detoxifying agent to make a homogeneous mixture with the juice of half a lemon and three tablespoons of coconut oil, we will remove it well and we will apply it on the scalp performing a gentle massage to penetrate the follicles. We will cover our hair with a shower cap and let it act for 20 minutes, after this time we will remove the cap and proceed to dry the hair. Once dry, we will wash the hair as usual.

Remember to repeat the process a couple of times a week and you will finally say goodbye to dandruff.

Coconut oil for curly hair or frizz

Tired of the moisture that your hair curls and appears the frizz that is so unsightly? Does it look like you have burnt hair? So much humidity, as overexposure to the sun or the abuse of heat treatments, or use of dryers and irons, can make your hair look frizzy, with fragile aspect, burned or without shine.

For this we have the solution, coconut oil can be one of your best companions, apply a teaspoon of coconut oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together causing the oil to heat up and expand between your fingers.

Place your hair down, with dry hair and gently caress it, from the middle to the ends, never at the roots. With a small amount will suffice to cover the hair fiber and nourish it with healthy hair and silky but careful, you should not exceed because your hair will become too greasy.

Coconut oil as conditioner and detangling agent for hair

To take advantage of the properties of coconut oil, you can make a homemade ultra-moisturizing and regenerating mask, half an avocado should be mixed with about four tablespoons of coconut oil to get a homogeneous mixture that will cool down to make it more consistent in the fridge, once it has solidified we will apply it to all the wet hair leaving it to act for 15 minutes.

After this time we will wash the hair as usual. We can repeat it once a week to ensure proper hair nutrition.

Coconut oil for hair loss, hair growth and regeneration

Coconut oil helps prevent hair loss and regeneration because of its high content of nutrients improves blood flow and hair is nourished, thus promoting its resistance and growth. If you have hair loss problem, I recommend you read the following remedies for hair loss.

Coconut oil as a nourishing and repairing mask with oily hair

In the case of having oily hair we must take into account that treatment is more effective if we do not apply directly to the scalp, but from means to ends to avoid excess fat, although it is effective if we combine coconut oil with lemon juice because the lemon removes the excess fat, and the coconut oil prevents the accumulation of fats.

The green clay can also help us, so it is very helpful to make a mask with two tablespoons of green clay, the juice of a lemon and a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil, making a homogeneous mixture that will cool in the fridge during At least half an hour to solidify. We will apply it so that we completely cover the hair and scalp, leaving it to act for 10 minutes and washing the hair as usual.

If you have oily hair here you have the best advice to remedy this problem, you can not lose them.