If you are practicing yoga then you already know how it is changing your life. Though there are lots of yoga types and you have to choose the perfect one. If you are doing yoga for some time then it is supposed to have an effect on your mind and spirit as well. This is not a practice for the physical being that you are but also for your mind and spirit. It will make you are a better person and will give you a much calmer mind to tackle everyday issues. In the practice of yoga, you are required to meditate as well and this is one of the most vital things about yoga.
Though meditation helps you, there is a thing that will help you to meditate better and these are the malas. It is said that when you are using mala in your meditation, it will help you to concentrate better. You become one with the material of the mala and it uplifts you to a better person.
The mala consists of 109 beads. The mala beads are put together with extreme caution and respect. The mala beads are made of different materials which contain different set of energies. While the beads are put together, a mantra is recited throughout the procedure till the 108th bead. There is a significance to the number 108 if you did not know. It is said that there are 108 names of the goddess; there are also other things related to the number 108 and one of them is that there 108 energy lines that come out from the heart chakra. One of the most renowned ones is that the diameter of the sun is 108 times bigger than the diameter of the Earth. Whatever it may be, the beads are put together while reciting mantras and on the 109th bead, the teacher and important people in life are shown respect. This is an old tradition that is still followed.
Now, it might be difficult for you to choose your mala. There are many types of malas out there. All with different stones or materials and with different designs to make you even more confused. It is important to realize that in yoga you are taught to believe in your inner feelings and while choosing your mala, you should use that teaching. You should let your intuition choose the mala you want. You are supposed to feel drawn to a certain mala that you see and you will feel an immense connection with it. The one that you feel a connection with, is your mala and you should get that one.
It is best if you choose a new mala after 40 days so that you can build a stronger connection when you are doing your meditation. If you practice this every morning and with your mala in your hand then you will feel liberated and also more confident throughout the whole day.
One important thing to note is that the stones are very important. You need to know which stones suit you the best. Try doing some research on it before you buy your mala.