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We offer businesses an affordable solution to get their business online. We create websites that are professional and will attract customers.

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We can boost your presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, by creating eye catching posts with engaging content.

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We take the complicated process of getting your business online and make it easy and affordable.
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We strive to ensure our customers get superior service. We believe it is important to maintain a relationship with our clients to be sure their web design or social media reflects their business model.


The website or social media that we create for your business will be optimized to your profile and tailored to your audience to help attract the customers you need to grow your business.


When you choose us, we will work with you to create your online campaign, we will help foster new relationships with new and current customers by creating engaging posts or professional web design while attracting new leads with increases to your revenue.


We work together as a team to ensure quality and great customer service.

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At 500 Miles we are an Internet Marketing agency that specializes in working with small to medium local businesses. The passion and drive of entrepreneurs, and the commitment level of multi-generation family businesses is who we love to work with and strive to help achieve their goals. We have created our business to help take the stress of the process of putting your company online and make it as easy and affordable as possible. The great lengths that we go to help our clients is what “500 Miles” represents.



What is Managed Hosting?

There are a number of ways to tackle your website build to give you everything you need for an online experience your customers will not soon forget. But it takes more than just your website to bring what you have to offer out to the world. That’s where hosting comes in, there are options for that too. You could choose…

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Running an offline business is good, but did you know about the power of social media and online marketing? As a small business, we know how important continued growth and success are, and in order to facilitate those, it is really important to bring your business online. Online marketing can always help your business, you can get even more customers…

What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer video is a short video clip of around 60 seconds (a minute) that explains to a potential customer what your products or services are about. There are some main types of explainer video; here we present some of them: Whiteboard Animation Whiteboard animation is a kind of explainer that consists in an illustrated story produced by the designer with…

Stellar Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2020

Improving email marketing campaigns is an ongoing process and a continual effort – only once you get to terms with that will you be able to boost your performance dramatically. This is by no means depressing news – practice makes perfect and why would email marketing be any different than pretty much anything else in life? It isn’t, but there…

How WordPress Page Structure Helps with SEO

SEO has become a massive part of marketing online. Getting your message in front of eyeballs is what truly matters and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can definitely be the most affordable method if done correctly. In order to use Search Engine Optimization to get traffic to your website though you need to very basic foundations in place. Those basic…

Critical Factors for an Effective Business Website

A good website design is vital for any business. An optimized website is a fool-proof marketing tool when used correctly. A successful site can build a robust online presence and increase sales. An effective website can be a key difference between Netizens staying to buy your product, and leaving to search for a more user-friendly, easy to navigate website.  …


Learn the process of animation production to create a successful video Even though each animation project is unique, the steps to follow are the same. Then we’ll explain how it works. Step 1: Brainstorming To bring together the whole team, each member is expressing any of his/her ideas. It doesn’t matter is they are on the wrong track. The main…

The Benefits of Using a Local Web Designer

With a business of any size, the primary focus is on a local audience. With business growth on a global scale through the internet, that doesn’t necessarily need to change. You still operate locally, so having an online presence that is designed with your local customers in mind is the key to a successful operation. Starting with a local web…

How to Create Perfect Email Campaign for Customers

Email campaigns are widely popular among marketers, even more widely available, and by far the cheapest in terms on advertising. It’s no wonder, then, that every new business venture is grasping at it for dear life, with mixed results. The main reason why email marketing campaigns can go wrong is because inexperienced marketers send their offer either too frequently/persistently or…

Is getting a Social Media marketing Certification worth it?

As in most things in life and in business – it depends on the perspective. So, it is yes and no. Certifications have a goal and that is to show that you have the skills, the know-how, you fulfill the standards etc. However, the most powerful convincer is strong referrals from your clients. Ask them if they would write up…