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We offer businesses an affordable solution to get their business online. We create websites that are professional and will attract customers.

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We can boost your presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, by creating eye catching posts with engaging content.

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We take the complicated process of getting your business online and make it easy and affordable.
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We strive to ensure our customers get superior service. We believe it is important to maintain a relationship with our clients to be sure their web design or social media reflects their business model.


The website or social media that we create for your business will be optimized to your profile and tailored to your audience to help attract the customers you need to grow your business.


When you choose us, we will work with you to create your online campaign, we will help foster new relationships with new and current customers by creating engaging posts or professional web design while attracting new leads with increases to your revenue.


We work together as a team to ensure quality and great customer service.

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At 500 Miles we are an Internet Marketing agency that specializes in working with small to medium local businesses. The passion and drive of entrepreneurs, and the commitment level of multi-generation family businesses is who we love to work with and strive to help achieve their goals. We have created our business to help take the stress of the process of putting your company online and make it as easy and affordable as possible. The great lengths that we go to help our clients is what “500 Miles” represents.



Is getting a Social Media marketing Certification worth it?

As in most things in life and in business – it depends on the perspective. So, it is yes and no. Certifications have a goal and that is to show that you have the skills, the know-how, you fulfill the standards etc. However, the most powerful convincer is strong referrals from your clients. Ask them if they would write up…

How many different Social Media sites are there?

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms, some are niche, and some are even private. If you only count those with millions of followers, you’ll probably end up with just a few. The platforms are easy to use and some of them even have paid advertising options for businesses that want to reach new audiences. However,…

I have no social media accounts – are there people who fit in that category

We live in hyper-connected times and so there is an inherent bias in favor of social media. It is a quite subjective approach about defining people who do not opt in for social media. In a very generic way, the type of person who has no social media accounts is usually the type of person who doesn’t feel a need…

Is Pandora considered social media?

Talking in layman’s terms it is not completely there yet. It has some social media features…but it doesn’t necessarily fulfill one of the main concepts of social media, and this is to link people. Pandora does not connect you with other people like mainstream social media does. You listen to music on Pandora, but you don’t really communicate with others.…

What are the basic social media zones?

The basic building element of social media is information. What is the information and how is it relevant to the audience are different zones within social media. People are always more drawn to information which has a media they can interact with. They will consume information and interact through engagements like sharing and discussing the information. The more such elements…

What is the role of social media

Social Media is a term which encompasses a type of various online communication tools which have interaction, content sharing, communication, and collaboration as their main pillars. The principal role of social media is to connect people. It is a channel designed to connect people from all across the globe. How?  The main way to engage people is to link those…

What do you think of people who don’t use social media?

There are an infinite number of things people can choose to do with their precious time. But there seems to be an expectation that people will choose to use social media now before anything else. There seems to be an assumption that everybody should be using social media – because it’s considered the ‘normal thing’ to do, the standard for…

What is the purpose of social media?

Social media has a big impact to the new era nowadays. Why? Well, simply because it’s because of the sheer importance in connecting people around the globe. It started as a community having a goal to share simple, mundane posts about our lives. Now, it evolved into a significant element of the business marketing strategy. It is a vital source…